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Our origin makes us what we are


Pablo García Paniagua, an apprentice apothecary in O Carballiño, and his wife, Juana Puga, ran a post house in Porto de Éguas, where soon, their artisanal liqueurs begin to gain popularity.


After the early passing of Pablo G. Paniagua, it is his wife, Juana Puga, known in the family as “Mamá Juana”, who took the reins of the business, maintaining the Paniagua brand as a seal of quality and expanding the product catalogue with cognac, vermouth, anise, and other distillates.


“Mamá Juana” continued to be Paniagua’s alma mater for as many years as her age and strength allowed her. When the time came, she requested the presence of her children, who were in America, like so many emigrants of the time.

It was José García Puga who took up the challenge, moving the factory to O Carballiño, increasing the production volume and commercial expansion.


José García Puga’s children were the next generation to take over, taking the dream of their grandparents Pablo and “Mamá Juana” to the top. These were years of expansion for the company, which acquired national projection and prestige.


Today, the great-grandchildren of Mamá Juana y Pablo G. Paniagua are at the head of the family business, leading the modernisation of manufacturing, developing their activity in state-of-the-art facilities in production, quality, bottling, and logistics.

More than a century later, Paniagua maintains the traditional family recipes, but is also firmly committed to the development of new products that adapt to the market and the needs of our customers.