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Toasted liqueur, also known as orujo toasted liqueur, is one of the most delicious and renowned liqueurs in Galicia. It stands out for its bright mahogany colour and its characteristic caramel-like flavour.

What is toasted liqueur?

This sweet Galician liqueur is made from orujo brandy and caramelised sugar, which gives the mixture its bright brownish colour, hence its name: “Toasted”. It differs from toasted brandy in the alcohol content. This liqueur has a 40% alcohol volume, while Paniagua Toasted Liqueur has a 28%. With less alcohol volume, this is the perfect option to drink after meals and have a second helping.

Despite its uncertain origin, this liqueur has become one of the most renowned liqueurs alongside herb liqueur, cream liqueur, or coffee liqueur.


How is toasted liqueur made?

Although it appears to be easy to elaborate it, the difficulty of the Galician toasted liqueur recipe is to get the caramelised sugar “just right”, since this sweet and pleasant flavour can turn bitter and ruin the whole beverage.

Our secret is to carry out an artisanal maceration of the orujo brandy with caramelised sugar, like the old Galician “poteiros” who visited the village to elaborate orujo for the families used to do.

Toasted liqueur must be served chilled, between 3ºC and 7ºC, in order to best enjoy it.

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